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How do I start OCD therapy?

Starting therapy can be one of the most meaningful and anxiety-producing experiences for someone who has suffered from OCD. There are a few tips you can use that may help you to find the right therapist, engage with them fully, and find the relief you deserve.

1) Find an OCD-specialty therapist! If you have OCD, or suspect you have OCD, it is important to find a therapist who specializes in Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) treatment. ERP is often a treatment term that falls under the umbrella of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. These are terms you may not be familiar with and that is okay! You can google your city and these terms. For instance, I may google "ERP therapist in Houston" or "ACT therapist in Houston". Once you find some results I recommend you call the providers and ask them what percentage of their patients have an OCD diagnosis. A true OCD specialist may say that more than half of their patients have an OCD diagnosis, and that means that they are well-versed in good OCD treatment

2) Be ready to start therapy! OCD therapy is hard and often scary! You are asked to challenge yourself and do things that are uncomfortable or you do not want to do. When therapy gets difficult, ask yourself: Why are you seeking therapy at this time? What is OCD taking from you? How could your life be different if you did not have OCD any longer? The answers to these questions can help you keep up the good work and get your life back.

3) Allow yourself to feel better - and worse. OCD treatment will include challenging yourself to do things that you cannot do. The OCD will react as a result and you may see a shift in your symptoms. If you stick with it you will likely see great success and relief though some days may be harder than others. And these days will come and go. Working on yourself and your OCD is a process much like learning to shoot a basketball - you can learn and practice and get better, but you will still miss sometimes. Allow yourself to grow, learn, fall, and get back up. Just like someone without OCD would do!

If you are looking for more information please contact me at any time!

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