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"I called BS. I was not a believer in this to start. How could he and this treatment make a difference when I have been living this nightmare for 20 years? I have tried residential treatment and everything else under the sun, so my family and I decided this was our next option. I was knocked on my butt. By far the hardest and most rewarding process I have ever done thanks to Dr. Brandt's innovative, creative, and personalized treatment methods. He saved my quality of life, quite frankly, and instilled hope where it had been lost. A lot can change in four days and this leap of faith will have forever changed my life. The work continues after but Dr. Brandt teaches you the methods to carry yourself through to crush the demon of OCD. My family and I are forever grateful."

Adult Intensive Outpatient

I have had OCD for over 30 years.  During that time I have tried many different therapists but I never found the right one until I was so blessed to find Dr. Chad Brandt.   He totally understands OCD and has helped me learn about how to embrace mine. He has taken the time to get to know me and is not just all talk.  He has given me skills and strategies to overcome the beast of OCD.

Adult Intensive Outpatient

Dr. Brandt goes above and beyond as a therapist. He develops creative approaches to treating not only one's OCD, but any concomitant psychological problems. He is approachable, friendly, and truly dedicates himself to improving the lives of his clients

Adult Residential Patient

My son’s principal and teachers are shocked, he’s got a whole new attitude in the morning going to school, is sitting at the front of his classes (was in the hall most of the other times), is staying on task, raising his hand with questions, interacting with kids, approaching other kids, eating in the cafeteria, has gained 6 lbs since the beginning of January, is playing with “his sister” (starting to squabble and horseplay like normal siblings)…when we went in for a conference, there was a literal line of teachers popping their heads in the door to grin at us and give the thumbs up and say how shocking and incredible the change has been."

Mother of patient treated using intensive treatment

It really is ridiculous the improvements. I think we're all in shock and pinching ourselves to see if the nightmare is really over

Family member of patient treated using intensive treatment

When we first met with Dr. Chad Brandt regarding our 18 year-old-daughter, the discussion felt unreal: our daughter was diagnosed with severe OCD, and had reached the point that she was basically home-bound and unable to progress with her life. Dr. Brandt reviewed her case and said he could give her back a normal life – in four days, without drugs. How do you react to that?? After having done a ton of research on different treatment plans, and consulted with multiple leading OCD doctors, the expectation was that progress would require weeks or months of intensive therapy. Four days?!? Fortunately, we knew about the new short-term OCD treatment plans, and the successful results they had experienced, so after additional discussions with Dr. Brandt, we decided to go ahead.

The result is miraculous: My daughter went from being unable to attend school or even leave the house, to a normal lifestyle – FOUR DAYS LATER! She literally shows almost no symptoms, and this was a young woman who registered near the top of the YBOCS scale with a score of 37. Her self-assessed score upon completing the treatment was a 7 – her current score is around 3. She is back in school, self-sufficiently leaving every day and managing her own schedule, and we’re selecting the college she will attend. The change is amazing, and wonderful.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably doing so with the same skepticism that I had; four days?? That can’t be right. But there’s research out there on the efficacy of these approaches, and Dr. Brandt did exactly what he said he would do for our daughter – gave her life back. It’s hard to express the depths of our gratitude to him, and I’ll thank him again in this note; his ability to successfully execute this treatment is astounding.

Parent of 18 year old Intensive Patient

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