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What do I do during a Quarantine if I have OCD?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage across the globe more people are being placed on mandatory and suggested quarantines. This time comes with significant uncertainty; will I still have a job? Will my family be okay? Will I be okay? When on quarantine it may be easy to get caught ruminating about all the terrible things that may happen, or get stuck not spending your time in a way that you find helpful and valuable. It is important to utilize this time in a way that helps you physically, psychologically, but how do we do that with all of this uncertainty? A few tips:

1) Identify things you can control. Perhaps you work in food service and your job is at risk. You may not be able to do your traditional job while restaurants are closed, but you could reach out to your employer and ask for additional tasks to keep getting paid. Perhaps the kitchen needs a deep clean, or the walls need touch-up paint, or tables need to be fixed. See if there's something you can do give yourself a sense of control and purpose during this time.

2) Check in with friends and family instead of worrying! If you cannot visit friends or family in person is there something you can do to show them support? Many people have access to video chat services, or may be able to order supplies to be delivered. Exerting some meaningful control may help you to let go of some the things you cannot control.

3) Stay connected socially! If you live with family, put away the technology and enjoy some time together. Go for a walk, play a game, watch and discuss a movie. If you live alone, embrace technology! Video chat with friends and family, or find a phone or computer game you can play together for fun. Although many things are closed, companies are finding a way to embrace technology. The Houston Children's museum is streaming activities for children. Many clinic's such as the Houston OCD Program are still offering therapy services via video chat.

No matter your situation, this may be a good chance to practice finding and accepting some uncertainty and moving forward with your day in a meaningful way! Please call or email if you would like to be connected and find services near you!

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